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About the Virtual Pharma 2022

IMPACT Conferences will host the "4th International Webinar on Pharmaceutics and Novel Drug Delivery Systems" (Virtual Pharma 2022), which will be held June 18-19, 2022.
The main theme of the conference is "Advances and Innovations in Pharmaceutical Science and Novel Drug Delivery Systems."
For our upcoming Virtual Pharma 2022, it could be an international platform for pharmacists, pharmaceutical business professionals, pharmaceutical marketing professionals, researchers, scientists, clinicians, academics, students, drug delivery experts, directors, CEO's, and different health care professionals across the world to witness and participate in highly professional scientific discussions and sessions.
The Webinar opens the door to researchers and related specialists in the field through keynote, oral, and poster presentations. It provides a distinctive pathway for a varied community of researchers, industrialists, professors, and students to share their research experiences and participate in interactive discussions. You can present your research work or reveal new innovations with a real-time conversation from anywhere in the world.
We cordially invite you to participate in our webinar to share and learn about Virtual Pharma 2022!


  • Pharmaceutical Sciences and Technology
  • Advanced Drug Delivery Systems
  • Pharmaceutics and Pharmacotherapeutics
  • Pharmaceutical Microbiology and Biotechnology
  • Pharmaceutical Research & Development
  • Pharmacovigilance and Drug Safety
  • Pharmaceutical Chemistry & Medicinal Chemistry
  • Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics
  • Pharmacology & Toxicology
  • Inhaled Drug Delivery
  • Pharmacogenomics
  • Bio-Pharmaceutics
  • Bio-Drugs, Bio-Molecules and Therapeutics
  • Nano medicine and Biomedical Applications
  • Therapeutic Drug Carrier Systems
  • Drug Discovery and Screening
  • Novel Drug Delivery Systems, Biomarkers & Drug Targets
  • Nanotechnology in Pharmaceutics and Drug Delivery Systems
  • Preformulation Studies
  • Formulation Technologies
  • Vaccine Design and Drug Delivery Technology
  • Cellular Targeting and Intracellular Delivery
  • Drug Delivery Through BBB
  • Peptides and Protein Drug Delivery
  • Biotherapy and Radiopharmaceuticals
  • Clinical and Hospital Pharmacy
  • Clinical And Medical Case Reports
  • Pharmacy Education and Practice
  • Advances in Biotherapeutics-Drug Discovery and Development
  • Pharmacognosy, Phytochemistry & Natural Products
  • Precision Medicine and Specialty Drugs
  • Pharmacologic Treatments for COVID-19
  • Current Therapeutic Drugs Treating COVID-19
  • Drug Discovery Strategies to Fight COVID-19
  • Regenerative Medicine
  • Biosimilars Market
  • Anticancer drug delivery for Tumor Targeting
  • Pharmaceutical Analysis and Quality Assurance
  • Pharmaceutical Process Validation
  • Virtual Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals
  • Regulatory Affairs and Intellectual Property Rights


    Track 1: Pharmaceutical Sciences and Technology:

    Pharmaceutical sciences in a science of pharmaceutical products that mainly focuses on Drug development, Drug design, delivery and manufacturing by integrating the principles of Chemistry, Biology, Engineering and related fields. Pharmacy is the science with the utilities of making drugs. It is a health-related field that links medical sciences and aims to ensure the safe and productive use of pharmaceutical drugs. Pharmacy specialist study on the drug therapy and focus on the primary health and enhance the use of medication for the benefit of the patients. Pharmaceutical Sciences focuses on the basic principles of Inorganic & Organic chemistry, Engineering, Bio-chemistry, and biological sciences to understand the novel techniques of drug delivery to the body and translate the integrated understanding into novel and innovative therapies against human diseases and disorders.

    Pharmaceutical technology incorporates engineering and technology into various elements of the industry. It encompasses pharmaceutical formulation, manufacturing, packing, and logistics, as well as various diagnostic, determinative, and therapeutic procedures, as well as methodologies, techniques, and instrument handling.

    Track 02: Pharmaceutical Microbiology & Biotechnology:

    Pharmaceutical microbiology and biotechnology have become increasingly important in the production of biologics from microbial cells, animal cell lines, and human cell lines. Because of biotechnological principles and manipulations in this field, the volume, diversity, and types of biologics produced have all improved. In the future, this field is expected to grow.

    Track 03: Drug Discovery & Screening:

    Medication design is one of the most crucial parts of the drug development process. The binding energy of the lead molecule to the target, as well as its thermodynamic properties, are predicted through drug screening. Molecular mechanics and molecular dynamics are the most commonly used approaches for forecasting model conformation changes. This lecture will cover the practical challenges of drug targeting and design, as well as solutions for overcoming them.

    Track 04: Pharmacovigilance & Drug Safety:

    With the rapid development of new drug and innovative therapeutics, new pharmacovigilance procedures and methods have to be implemented for assurance of drug safety and the quality of life of patients.

    Track 05: Bio-therapy & Radio-pharmaceutics:

    This session deals with various technological developments in Bio-therapy for Cancer treatment, Chemotherapy and Immunotherapy, Bio-therapy in wound treatment, Radio-pharmaceuticals and nuclear medicine.

    Track 06: Pharmacology & Toxicology:

    Clinical pharmacology, cardiovascular pharmacology, behavioural pharmacology, neuropsychopharmacology, pharmacogenetics, and Pharmacoeconomics are only a few of the pharmacology's many sub-specialties.

    Toxicology studies the negative consequences of pharmaceuticals and chemical substances, as well as treatment options, whereas pharmacology studies the positive effects of drugs.
    Cardiovascular Pharmacology

    Track 07: Pharmacokinetics & Pharmacodynamics:

    Pharmacokinetic effect is determined by the amount of medication present at the target area. Recent advances in analytical and quantitative techniques have often resulted in non-invasive studies of drug pharmacokinetics at the site of action in order to gain a better understanding of pharmacokinetic properties.

    Pharmacodynamics is affected by receptor binding and sensitivity, post receptor effects, chemical interactions, physiologic changes caused by genetic mutations, diseases, ageing, or the impact of other drugs. Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics describe the effects of drugs on the host body.

    Track 08: Pharmacogenomics:

    The drug's effect and response vary from person to person due to the fact that everyone's DNA is unique. Pharmacogenomics is a branch of genetics that studies a person's genetic reaction to a drug and gene-drug interactions in the body.

    Pharmacogenomics is the cornerstone of personalized medicine, a relatively new concept that is expected to gain traction in the next years.
    Genetics & Genetic Engineering
    Pharmacogenetics and Genomics
    Drug Metabolism

    Track 09: Bio drugs, Biomolecules and Therapeutics:

    Biotherapy Treatment for Cancer
    Chemotherapy/Biotherapy Patient Education
    Biological Response Modifiers Used
    Biotherapy in Wound Treatment
    Radiopharmaceuticals in nuclear medicine
    Diagnostic radiopharmaceutical

    Track 10: Inhaled Drug Delivery:

    Future needs for inhaled drug delivery
    Innovation in nebulized therapy
    Nebulizers - modern advances
    Development of propellant-free MDIs
    Aerosol-mediated delivery of drugs
    Triple combination inhalers - the challenges
    Functional respiratory imaging

    Track 11: Cellular Targeting and Intracellular Delivery:

    Drug Targeting and Design
    Targeted Drug Delivery System

    Track 12: Peptides and Protein Drug Delivery:

    Peptide Formulation Development

    Track 13: Vaccine Design and Drug Delivery Technology:

    Immunotherapy and Vaccines
    Novel Vaccine Drug Delivery Systems

    Track 14: Advanced Drug Delivery Systems:

    Pathology is aInnovative Drug Delivery Technologies
    Implantable Drug Delivery System
    Pediatric Drug Delivery systems
    Routes of Drug Administration

    Track 15: Drug Delivery Through BBB:

    Nanoparticle Delivery Across The BBB
    Brain Penetration and Drug Delivery
    The Blood-Brain Barrier in States of Disease
    Novel Approaches for Bbb Models

    Track 16: Therapeutic Drug Carrier Systems:

    Polymers in Drug delivery
    Smart Materials for Drug Delivery
    Drug Delivery Vehicles
    Biomaterials in Drug Delivery

    Track 17: Advances in Biotherapeutics-Drug Discovery and Development:

    Medicinal Chemistry
    Drug Designing

    Track 18: Pharmaceutical Product Development and Manufacturing:

    Manufacturing equipment and technologies
    New manufacturing techniques
    Industrial and Physical Pharmacy
    Pharmaceutical Technology
    Pharmaceutical Packaging

    Market Analysis

    Pharmaceuticals is one of the most significant and important fields for human welfare, as well as one of the world's major economies. The entire value of the pharmaceutical sector exceeds $5 trillion. When compared to the 1920s, it has grown by a factor of a thousand. From USD 1,179.20 billion in 2016 to USD 1,669.40 billion in 2021, the total market value of drug delivery technology is predicted to rise at a CAGR of 7.2 percent.
    In 2017, global prescription pharmaceutical sales were $774 billion, while in 2018, they were $811 billion. Profits from prescription drug sales are expected to exceed one trillion dollars by 2022.
    The current state of the pharmaceutical industry is as follows:
    As a result of new innovative research, demand for new medicines, and new regulatory laws and standards, the pharmaceutical business is undergoing considerable transformations. Countries including Russia, the United Kingdom, the United States, China, and India have boosted their need for generic medications in recent years, and developing drugs for rare diseases has become increasingly popular.
    The global pharmaceutical manufacturing industry is expected to develop at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 13.74 percent from 2020 to 2027. The continued expenditures of pharmaceutical and outsourcing businesses in expanding their manufacturing facilities have had a positive impact on market growth.
    AstraZeneca, for example, invested USD 133.0 million in February 2020 to expand its manufacturing facilities in Australia. In December 2019, PCI Pharma Services, a global outsourcing solution provider, updated its Tredegar factory in the United Kingdom to expand its high-potency drug research and production capabilities. The intrusion has improved the data management process.
    Key players in the pharma market:
    Johnson & Johnson - $56.1bn.
    Pfizer - $51.75bn.
    Roche - $49.23bn.
    Novartis - $47.45bn.
    Merck & Co. - $46.84bn.
    GlaxoSmithKline - $44.27bn.
    Sanofi - $40.46bn.
    AbbVie - $33.26bn.
    Future projections about pharma sector:
    The pharmaceutical industry's overall revenue is expected to double in real terms between 2017 and 2060. Certain markets would grow at a breakneck pace. The Chinese pharmaceutical business, for example, will grow fourfold between now and 2060, while the European market will grow more slowly. The rare disease segment of the pharmaceutical sector will be a major growth driver. New discoveries will expand the pharmaceutical industry's size and growth, which will help society's health and well-being. Long-term growth is projected to be driven by new therapeutics such as nucleic acid medications and implantable devices.

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